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We love TV. And we love our TV shows. So much so that when a recent episode ends, we seem to look for commentary on it across the web. To that end,  there seems to be a ton of TV Apps for the mobile inclined, but one that has been getting a ton of press the last few months is Zeebox.

Zeebox was created by Ernesto Smith and Anthony Rose, who were quick to recognize the phenomena that has come to be known as Dual-Consumption, or the Second Screen. This practice, where you are sitting in front of TV screen watching your favorite TV show while at the same time watching your twitter or facebook updates, or texting on your phone/pad,  has  not just become a trend but a megatrend.

So what does Zeebox do exactly? Think of it as your virtual mobile TV sidekick, one that dishes out relevant TV show info based on your viewing habits. But don’t think of the zeebox tv companion app as just a glorified TV-guide. What makes it stand out is it's unique TV Rooms feature that allows users to comment and post about their favorite shows and characters via their smartphones and tablets.

Cool? Actually yes! This unique feature blows all TV show related apps out of the water. It basically provides a platform for fans to comment on their shows or topics. TV afficionados can join or create their own virtual rooms, which lend themselves to be a great forum for show viewers to share and discuss what’s happening on the screen and continue the conversation after the show ends. Sure, you could always share your thoughts about your fave TV show on facebook or twitter.  But the goal of TV Rooms is to create a more cohesive, community-type  experience than traditional social media, where comments  about TV shows can get lost in the clutter.

This thing is so big that TV Networks are creating TV Rooms for their shows.  So far, 10,000 rooms have been created. And we understand why: It's a platform for social interaction, content discovery and getting extra information about your favorite shows, oh, and its FREE!

So if there ever was a must-have TV App, this one should top your list.

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