Winter Wipe Out is a Fave

winter wipeout

Guest written by our friend Waldo Byers

If you're looking for a funny, exciting competition program on television, you've got to check out Winter Wipe Out. This is the second season of the Wipe Out competition, and they have added lots of wintery accessories to the crazy obstacle course that contestants have to follow.

First, the contestants are bounced up to 40 feet in the air off a giant air mattress. They land in a pool of 'snow' covered water, then they have to swim to their first obstacle. They climb on tilting 'yule logs' and try to cross four huge red balls--very rarely do they make it. More often than not, the contestants bounce off the 'big balls' and crash back into the water. There are other obstacles that seem impossible to me. There are spinning or swinging platforms that contestants have to cross to reach the end of the course.

The twelve people with the quickest time get to go to the next round. That includes a mad race through even more foam-covered obstacles--climbing, spinning, crashing and swimming to reach the end. Three final contestants get to go to the Wipe Out Zone, which is the roughest course yet. But the prize is $50,000 to the person who finishes the course the quickest.

I'm happy to sit at home and watch this competition show on my satellite TV fromĀ I'm happy to laugh at the folks who are brave enough to tackle this course, but I sure wouldn't do it myself!

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