VRS Mega Man-Pram Baby Stroller


Men love their gear and technology, even when it comes to something as simple as a baby stroller. Czech automaker Škoda surveyed 1,000 British dads and found that more than three-quarters would spend more time pushing their babies around if they had a higher spec baby stroller. About a third say they were embarrassed pushing regular strollers around. So, the company went about building something more their speed, including popularly cited "wish list" features.

Designed to be "fit for a king," the VRS Mega Man-Pram is an imposing four-wheeled baby cart that doesn't look like anything you've seen around the city park. It rides on 20-inch wheels surrounded by all-terrain rubber and packs plenty of car-like tech for dad to geek out on, including hydraulic suspension, wing mirrors, oversized brake calipers, brake lights and a headlamp for night walks. A set of anti-stress grips provides a cushy grab, with or without leather strollering gloves.

As for baby, he won't build up any tech envy of daddy thanks to a crib decked out with sports style upholstery and lumbar support.

As unique as the VRS Mega Man-Pram is, we don't imagine that many dads, moms or otherwise would be interested in a massive stroller likely to cost more than a used car. Škoda doesn't mention any plans to sell it.

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