Toccata iPad Keyboard Case

PADACS just released a stylish iPad case that offers the convenience of a built-in Bluetooth keyboard named the Toccata.

Toccata is from the Italian word toccare meaning “to touch”, describing a composition for the piano, organ or other keyboard instrument that’s intended to show off the player's technique. The Toccata Bluetooth Keyboard Case is a cool accessory for the heavy duty iPad user that begs to be 'played with': Its protective case has an integrated Bluetooth keyboard that makes it easy foriPad you to type emails and play games or just avoid using the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard.

The Toccata’s 9.25 X 5.31in QWERTY keyboard is large enough to type comfortably without adding to the iPad case size. Charged by an included USB cable, the Lithium battery-powered keyboard runs for as long as 45 hours.

Its built-in 450mAh Lithium battery should last up to 45 hours per charge with continuous standby for 100 days. Running on the ISM 2402-2480MHz band, the keyboard has a 30ft operating distance.

The Toccata can be pre-ordered now at PADACS website for $69.95. And for a limited-time, you can get it with free shipping.

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