The Power of Cloud Collaboration

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Sometimes the simplest of tasks can get lengthy and downright frustrating.  Imagine you need to contact an office co-worker. The process goes a little something like this:

1. Call his office line, if he is not available, you leave a voicemail message.
2. You then call his cell phone, but if it’s off, you leave him a second message.
3. You can also try to contact him via IM (Instant Messaging), but his account reads off-line.
4. Finally, you send him an e-mail.

Now you wait for him to return your message(s), in which he will repeat the 4 steps above (and you pray for no phone-tagging), which generally is a time-suck, wastes tech resources and equates to an added cost of conducting business. Is there a better way? You bet!

Unified communications (UC), is described in general terms as "the integration of communications to optimize business processes." This definition may be, for some, a bit ambiguous and subjective, but the key concept is the ability to collaborate or integrate real-time and non-real time communication with business processes. This, coupled with a consistent user interface, provides overall cost reductions and an increase in productivity. But what if you can take these collaboration capabilities and move them to the cloud? CDW has done just that with their new "CDW Cloud Collaboration".

Collaboration encompasses a sleuth of communication tools, such as voice and voicemail, mobility, video conferencing, contact center services and instant messaging. The Cloud provides the back-bone for delivering an integrated mix of these solutions while addressing weaknesses common to traditional Unified Communication rollouts.

Although their Cloud Collaboration is new, CDW has some serious UC chops. They’ve completed more than 4,000 Cisco Unified Communication deployments over the past decade. They host the service at its own Tier III-IV facility. The 485,000-square-foot data center runs 8.2 megawatts of power to support world-class virtualization, storage and optimization services. The components are fully redundant, offering 99.99% uptime. Feel free to visit CDW’s Solutions blog

The benefits to your business are the ability to support collaboration services without compromising security, flexibility and management or application functionality—all while freeing up IT staff to work on other initiatives. Think better, faster, efficient communication, both internally and externally.

Speaking of staff - with access to industry-leading technology like Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions -and over 50 Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts on staff (expert’s who get IT), CDW has what you need to transition to a cloud-based solutions.

So take a look and see how see how these products can help you to delve into the world of Cloud Collaboration.

CDW is a current advertiser on my blog.  All opinions are mine.

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