The Orb Music Player

The Orb is a a compact, hockey-puck sized disk that transforms any home music system into an Internet-connected stereo that is easily controlled via smartphones such as iPhone or Android, as well as with an iPad and iPod Touch. It lets you listen to your consolidated collections of music, including iTunes, Pandora, Sirius Radio and a wide variety of Internet music services, in multiple rooms around the home.

Unlike other systems that are expensive and complex to use, the OrbMusic Player is easy to use and affordable at only $69. You connect it to your computer to setup (give it a name such as master bedroom, configure wifi settings, etc.) then plug it into the stereo you want to stream to.

You then select on your smartphone the music you want to listen to and then choose the name of the stereo for instant playback. With the smartphone music remote control, you can easily pause, playback, change the volume, or skip around their playlist. And, everyone in the home can have their own Orb-enabled smartphone remote to manage, play and share their personal music collections.

The Orb Music Player is available now from Orb Networks at for $69. The Orb Controller software for the iPhone platform is available now from the iTunes App Store, for free. The Orb Caster software is available as a free download from

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