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Golden Geekness

One thing most 30-something people in tech have in common is video gaming nostalgia. Generation X (and Gen i) can go on for hours discussing the merits of our favorite Nintendo games, our programming experience in school, and of course our beloved Ataris. Sure there were C64s and Amigas and such, but Atari’s 2600 and […]

Creative ZiiSoundTM T6

Creative Technology unveiled the Creative ZiiSoundTM T6 – the latest addition to its extensive Pure Wireless speaker family. The all new speaker system is their new  flagship Surround Sound wireless speaker in the Pure Wireless speaker range. Like its predecessors, the ZiiSound T6 retains the characteristics that have made the Pure Wireless speaker range a success:  […]


PADACS released the Rubata iPad keyboard case, a premium leather-bound cover enclosing a built-in Bluetooth keyboard with special iPad keys. Available from, the Rubata Bluetooth keyboard case continues the momentum started by PADAC’s Toccata Bluetooth keyboard case, which has proved hugely popular with consumers. Rubata differs from the Toccata with its 100 per cent […]

“Silent” Wake Up Alarm

Does your significant other ‘hate’ your alarm in the morning? Do you feel bad when your alarm goes off and wakes her up when she needs to sleep in? Well here comes LARK Up to the rescue. LARK Up wakes you up without a jarring alarm and without disturbing the sleep of a loved one. […]

PADACS Aksent Hi-Def In-Ear Earphones

PADACS has launched the Aksent High-Definition In-Ear Earphones for the iPhone and iPad, offering easily-reached controls and foam ear cushions that mould to the ear canal. They are fitted with special foam ear cushions that mould to the ear canal, delivering the sound directly to your ear for an

M7 MultiPAD

What steaming to be a uber-competitive market, the “Pad” market will soon get a new contender, the Cydle M7 MultiPAD from Korea. Running the Android OS, it will integrate E-book, Video playback, and an assortment of multimedia features into a cool small form factor. Touting a 7″ screen, the M7 serves as an ideal size as an E-book […]

Franklin ROADIE

The ROADIE, available October 1st, 2010, is a small, portable, powered 3-module speaker system and 2-way communicator for mobile professionals and today’s on-the-go generation. ROADIE Portable Speaker Systems turns any hard flat surface into the speaker itself, minimizing the footprint while delivering the sound of much larger conventional speakers,  360 degrees. The three-piece modular design allows the you to […]

Rand McNally iPhone App

Rand McNally  launched a new iPhone® app designed to make every day a new adventure. The free “Explore America” application provides snippets of unique travel content, photos and videos, destination information, a daily quiz, and more. Once “Explore America” is downloaded, you will receive a Daily Adventure, which includes a description of an intriguing place […]

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