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Ugh! I just went for my cell phone in my pocket, and it wasn't there! WHERE is it? Sound like a familiar, albeit frustrating, experience? WE know it does.  And that's the reason for this post:

Until the end of the month, Sprint is doing their subscriber base, in our opinion, a huge service:  Sprint Customers are able to enroll in Total Equipment Protection outside of the normal 30 days. And with it comes a FREE nifty new App for Android and Blackberry handsets.

Why is this a big deal? Because usually you can only sign up for these phone protection/replacement programs within the 1st month of getting your new phone.  So if you've had the phone for while, but didn't enroll and wish you did, Sprint is giving you another chance. Sprint calls their program TEP (Total Equipment Protection). With TEP, you’ll never have to worry about paying too high a price when you’ve suddenly got phone issues. Whether your phone is lost, stolen, dying, or dead, their comprehensive service plan gets you a replacement phone fast. Replacement phones ordered by 11:00 EST/10:00 CST are shipped same day and delivered to you the next day.

But TEP is more than just a replacement plan for a dead or lost phone. Remember the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App we mentioned in the outset of this post? Downloaded it and your phone become a mobile Fort Know. It works with Sprints online features that protect your existing handset while providing peace of mind. The next time you go for your phone in your pocket or purse and it isn't there, just logon and track it down! Total Equipment Protection will map its exact location with directions on how to get there, phew!

If you feel the phone is nearby, but can't find it, you can remotely sound an alarm to find it fast, even when on silent or vibrate. And get this, your info contact list is safe! With Total Equipment Protection, you can choose to remotely lock a misplaced phone or erase your contacts. Don’t worry. Your info is synchronized and can be restored to the same phone-or a brand new one-later.

Thank you Sprint!

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