SplashID Key Safe

SplashData’s SplashID has provided thousands of PC, Mac and mobile device users around the world with secure access to their most sensitive information – passwords, logins, account numbers, and identification numbers, among others. With the announcement of its new SplashID Key Safe, highly secured personal information can now be stored on a 2 GB USB drive in the shape of a key. Over this upcoming Black Friday weekend, SplashData is offering free shipping anywhere on all orders through Tuesday, November 30.

In this age of identity theft and free-flowing electronic data, protecting sensitive personal information is a top priority for many. SplashID Key Safe allows you to store, sort and organize all of your confidential information on a USB drive you can carry on a key ring. If you need to use a third party computer, you can access your data by inserting the Key Safe into the USB port  and upon removing the it, not a trace of data is left on the computer.

SplashID Key Safe includes the same password generator as the mobile and desktop versions, enabling the automatic creation of new, unique passwords based on criteria selected by you. Additionally, SplashID features two kinds of encryption methods - Blowfish and AES - on top of using a top-notch Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.

Features of SplashID Key Safe include:

  • Web Auto-Fill, simplifying data entry of user names and passwords in SplashID by going directly to a site and retrieving the username and password to auto-fill in the record
  • Three record views, giving you new choices of how to view records: View, Panel and Tree
  • Database Sync, enabling allowing selection of multiple databases to synchronize with on the desktop and easily share data with other users, even across a network
  • Auto Search, retrieving records simply by the user entering a few letters in the Find box to instantly display results in the results view

SplashID Key Safe is available to order online for US$29.95 at SplashData.com.

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