Pull-Ups Potty Training App for iPhone

Tech-savvy parents who use iPhones now have a new tool to help tackle potty training – the iGo Potty app. Developed by the Kimberly-Clark Pull-Ups brand, iGo Potty is the world's first branded potty training app, from the leaders in training pants, designed to help parents keep kids engaged and on track toward success. The new app is now available for free in the iTunes App Store.

Now parents and toddlers have an interactivetool to help make potty training easier and more fun at the touch of their fingertips. To start potty training toward success, parents can simply download the app and customize it to fit their lifestyles and potty training journeys by adjusting the frequency of potty reminders throughout the day. The option to set a photo or avatar makes every child feel iGo Potty is their special potty training tool.

Once iGo Potty is set to keep potty trainers on track, parents and children receive special calls from "Patty the Potty" throughout the day, letting the child know it's time to try to go by encouraging the child to answer the call.

iGo Potty also offers a variety of digital rewards, like stickers and games, to keep potty training fun and motivating. The app helps parents and toddlers stay motivated by unlocking access to new rewards and games after a set number of successes are achieved. iGo Potty also encourages parents to pass along important updates and celebrations with custom reports tracking potty successes.

When parents feel their child has achieved potty training success, an app-generated graduation celebration can be selected that includes graduation theme music, balloons and streamers. Parents can then print out a diploma suitable for sharing and hanging on the refrigerator to commemorate the achievement.

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