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The snake has for eons been a symbol of health. It comes from the Rod of Asclepius, a wooden staff with a snake wrapped around it which was wielded by Asclepius, the son of Apollo in Greek mythology. Asclepius was a skilled healer and surgeon, so the Rod of Asclepius came to symbolize medicine.

How is your PC's health? Spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, bots, spam and rootkits - they're out there.  And you don't have to go looking for them, they are looking for you!  You can download separate software to combat each of these, or you can acquire one package providing total protection.  The folks at ThreatTrack think that's the best way to go. Enter the snake: Vipre Internet Security 2013.

It provides everything you need to protect your PC. Compared to other solutons, which slow you down, this anti-malware program includes a firewall and spam blocker for highly efficient online security that won't slow down your PC. And best of all, it works in the background, meaning you won't notice it's running (even during scans and updates).  We love seemless technology!

Installation is a snap and Vipre detects malware threats in real time. A feature we love is this: Out of date software like Windows, Java, Adobe, Skype, iTunes and others are the most common cause of PC infections. VIPRE's Easy Update feature does automatic software patching! It's the only antivirus to automatically patch these security holes.

Ever buy software and then were charged for support? Vipre has you covered there too. VIPRE comes with free U.S. based technical support! Take THAT Microsoft.

In a world of free software that actually infects your machine so that you buy their software, we are glad to see a unique, effective solution that does what it claims. We had a few little buggers on our PC that Vipre successfully eradicated.  Bye-bye nasty pests!

Vipre Internet Securtity 2013 was designed to be easy, affordale and trustworthy protection. The end product is clean, fast, comprehensive malware protection. Maintain your PC's health and for a limited time, get VIPRE Internet Security now and get save $20.

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