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Move Collective, LLC, the creators of bobble, a sleek, reusable, patented water bottle that filters as you drink, today introduced two new members to the bobble family. Bobble is now available in 34oz/1.0 liter and 13oz/385ml sizes, in addition to the original 18.5oz size. The expanded family will help fans integrate bobble into every facet of their lives, whether they are at home, school or the office, or at the gym, on the beach, on vacation or anywhere in between. All three members of the bobble family were designed by famedindustrial designer Karim Rashid.

Bobble features a carbon filter that is interchangeable and replaceable. The filter's clever design removes chlorine and organic contaminants from everyday tap water, yielding a cleaner, crisper taste that rivals store-bought water. The filters come in six vivid colors: green, red, blue, magenta, black and yellow. They fit every size of bobble, allowing users to color-coordinate their bobble to match their style or mood. Bobble filters are recyclable and should be replaced after approximately two months of use, or after filtering approximately 40 gallons, or 150 liters, of water.

"We kept hearing from customers that bobble's use has greatly increased their consumption of water, since they can refill bobble from the tap at their convenience, at no cost," said Richard Smiedt, founder, Move Collective, LLC. "This spurred us to create a wider range of sizes, from a 13oz version that can fit neatly into a small bag, to a larger 34oz version that they can store in the refrigerator or take with them to a ballgame or to the park. With bobble, we set out to make water better. And now we've given our customers a wider range of ways to do so."

Bobble is beautiful. Its iconic shape, great taste and stunning colors were designed to motivate consumers to choose an ecological alternative to single-serve plastic water bottles, which are pricey and damaging to the environment. Most single-serve plastic bottles end up forgotten in landfills, bobbing in the oceans or littering sidewalks. Each bobble filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles. Over the course of a year, a consumer can effectively remove thousands of bottles from the environmental equation by choosing a reusable, recyclable alternative such as bobble. Consumers can look good and do good simultaneously.

Bobble was launched to the U.S. market in February 2010, and immediately captured attention among consumers, journalists, environmental advocates and celebrities. The product's stunning popularity was largely driven by word of mouth. It has been presented to attendees at such disparate events as 2010's TED Global Conference, the Design Leadership Summit in Venice, Italy, and Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored Conference.

"From the moment of launch we've been fielding inquiries from every corner of the world," said founder Richard Smiedt. "Bobble is such an intuitive and clever concept that many wonder how it took this long to become a reality. We had the same feeling. It took us two full years to reach this point, and we were operating with a sense of secret urgency the entire time. But, thankfully, we've arrived and we have exclusive rights on the patent. And we believe bobble's popularity is poised to explode."

Bobble is made from recycled plastic and is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. The original 18.5oz/0.55 liter version retails at a recommended price of $9.95. The 13oz bobble's recommended price is $8.95. The 34oz/1.0 liter bobble's recommended price is $12.95.

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