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3D printing, a novelty once reserved for science fiction, is going mainstream thanks to cheaper, more accessible technology. The printers blast out layer upon layer of plastic or other materials, forming 3-D objects. Imagine creating a solid, physical object from a digital 3D model. Well stop imagining - the technology has been here for while!

And the world of desktop 3D printing is rapidly expanding and new companies and printer models are emerging regularly.  With so many options to choose from, how do you decide what machine is right for you?

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The answer depends on your use potential and budget. Are you a tinkerer or do you just like to hit the ‘print’ button? Will your printer be used at home as a hobbyist and kid projects, or are you a designer or engineer who is considering a printer for work?  

Makism 3D Corp plans to target the home user, modestly priced professional and educational markets with its flagship offering, the Wideboy. Ready to be go directly out of the box, Makism 3D Printers is a family of printers designed to elegantly empower organizations and individuals to affordably create high-quality individually manufactured prototypes, parts, and objects, rapidly and with a high degree of precision. We here at GizmoAlley can see ourselves creating some cool pendant lighting fixtures or custom smartphone cases with one of these.

Wideboy family of printers are designed to make printing 3D just as easy as printing a document from an inkjet printer.   In a few years time, it'll be interesting to see how far 3D printing technology has come, and how commonplace it will be  in people's lives.

If you can manufacture useful things at home instead of waiting for a large company to make it for you, wouldn’t you? With reliable and user friendly 3D printer offerings like the Makism 3D Products, you’ll be able to print high quality 3D objects for work, school, or personal life at home!

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