LG Optimus 7

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LG has been on a roll recently with their mobile phone offerings. We recently discussed how well their LG Optimus One has been doing among the many Android handsets and they have recently started to see traction with their Windows 7 handset - the LG Optimus 7.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile OS vying for your attention in the competitive world of smartphones. Designed to let you use your phone like you use your desktop PC, you can can browse the web, edit and share documents, check your email and even play Xbox LIVE games online!

The Optimus 7 has a 3.8-inch WVGA display, a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording and playback, a 16:9 aspect ratio for movies, plus a 1GHz processor and 16GB of internal memory. It comes with the  Play To feature, which lets you share multimedia files wirelessly with other DLNA-enabled devices just by accessing the picture, video, or music "hubs"--no need to dig through menus here.

Other apps include ScanSearch, a cool augmented-reality app that lets you view real-time information as you're shopping, dining, or just walking around a new neighborhood. There's also voice-to-text, which adds a voice control interface to functions like updating Facebook and Twitter or composing e-mails. All of these new apps are available as "Live Tiles" on the LG Optimus 7

Build quality is impressive, with a sleek outer shell and metal battery cover back plate.  Add to that the generous 16GB of internal memory for storing your hundreds of MP3 files, hours of video and hundreds of applications.

What's more, the extra large 1500mAh removable battery is good for hours of internet browsing, e-book reading, game playing, or for just, well, talking.

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