Lenovo ThinkVision

LT1421 rear

Two is better than one. Things just seem to work better in pairs, right? Lenovo thinks so, and thus have created the Lenovo ThinkVision.

We've been an avid supporter of the multi-monitor desktop environment for years. It justs helps you be more productive, especially on the go. But who wants to haul another bulky monitor around? In addition to the added weight, you need to find another outlet to plug it in.  Lenovo's ThinkVision solves that problem.  1st, its light - very light - at  1.91lbs, and 2nd, it's powered by a USB connection, meaning an additional power source is not required.

And it looks great! The ThinkVision LT1421 is a widescreen 14 incher, and is beautifully thin with a photo frame tilt stand for viewing angle adjustments, jazzing up your desk  as it sits alongside ho-hum-looking peripherals.

This monitor recently came in handy, as the notebook on our voiceover station decided to have its screen go to sleep and has never woken  up.  It powers on, and we could see a faint display, but too dim to read. We connected the new monitor to it after installing the ThinkVision Mac driver. With a bright screen and a resolution of 1366 x 768, we can edit audio files with ease. Text, movies and presentations (Apple Keynote) display perfectly, which makes this a perfect companion for presentations on the road.

Lenovo's ThinkVision LT1421 USB monitor makes portable multi-screen productivity a realistic option.  But it also looks quite at home... at home (or in the office).

$199 (for a limited time, use code LENOVOTECHIES and get 10% off, Model Number: LT1421, Part number: 1452DS6)



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