Keystone ECO Recharging Holster For iPhone 3G/3GS

For all you iPhone 3G/3GS users, Concord Keystone introduces the sleek Keystone ECO holster with a built in rechargeable battery that provides back-up power and automatically recharges our phone. Available in black or white matte finish, the hard case design provides full front and back protection for iPhone (no word on a iPhone 4 version). The Keystone ECO holster uses a mechanical spring sliding action that enables you to easily slide the case open and remove theiPhone from the charging case, leaving the auxiliary battery in the holster, and lessening thebattery bulk when iPhone is in use.

The rechargeable 1300 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery is housed in the slim polycarbonate case that securely clips to belts, waistbands, handbags, or briefcases. To use the Keystone ECO holster, you slide your iPhone into the holster and the phone automatically begins charging the battery in a fully protected enclosure, providing a full charge in under 3 hours. The holster or the holster / iPhone combination can be charged by connecting it to a computer through a USB cable, or by using a wall adapter with USB port. While connected to a USB power source, a battery indicator light on the bottom of the holster signals the battery charge status by changing color (red, yellow, and green) corresponding to the level of charge. You can manually check the battery charge status by pressing the battery check button at the base of the holster anytime.

The Keystone ECO holster is available for $69.99 MSRP at

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