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A sticky here, 4 stickies there, a printout on the left, a notepad on the right - sooner or later you notice your desk is drowning in a sea of paper (well, at least mine was).

And yes, we live in the tech-age of tablets, smartphones, emails - all connected to the interwebs - just as you do, but many of us print things out and still take notes the old-fashion way.  The problem is keeping them organized so that you can find them later! We see one solution – MS OneNote.

Remember the spiral notebooks of yesteryear with different sections, used to take notes, doodle, and some even had Section dividers with pockets to put stuff in such as pictures and, yes other notes? OneNote is your digital notebook helping you gather and organize notes, pictures, web links/pages, and whatever else your heart desires to save. Which means OneNote is a time saver!  Think about it: how much time do you spend searching for information across e-mail messages, paper notebooks, file folders, and printouts? OneNote eliminates all that in an elegant, intuitive PC package (sorry Mac friends).

And we gave it a try.  We at GizmoAlley love Asian culture - the food, the history, the values, the people.  Perhaps this affinity was engrained early on.  As a young man I remember sitting in front of the TV Saturday afternoons to watch the Drive In Movie on Fox 5 in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY.  These were Asian flicks, ah but I digress. In any case, I planned a trip to Asia, Kuala Lumpur to be exact, with a Tripbook in OneNote.


1st up: Create my notebook, in this case a OneNote TripBook. Since you can share your OneNote with friends and family, I created it as an itinerary for all to see, and they can edit as needed.  My tripbook has 5 parts or sections: The City (an overview of the city), 24 Hours (a day in the city), Sleep (yawn), Eat (yum!), See it (other attractions).

Windows+S function to insert

With that out of the way, I needed to add my info.  So off I went to Bing to look up info on the city’s attractions, recommended lodging, and eateries.  Collecting the info was a cinch, in fact the Windows+S function inserted text and pics from the web right into the Section I was working with in OneNote. When you are done, it’s saved and ready to use or share. Asia here we come!!!! By the way, my TripBook is available for everyone to see at onenotetravel.com :D

OneNote means easy organization and electronic life preserver - it's your digital notebook - rescuing our desks from those nasty paper ripcurrents.

OneNote is part of Microsoft Office, which starts at $149.99

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