Fine Wine – Everytime!

We crave sophisticated accoutrements—yet ones that are user friendly and easy to understand. Vintage Express is providing almost instant gratification for the selective wine enthusiast.  Simply put in a bottle of wine, and your wine is enhanced with the  delicious flavor of 10 years of aging in just a few seconds. Aging accelerators help recapture the exquisite taste of nature and duplicate the smooth, mellow flavor generated by years of traditional slow aging.According to the manufacturer, extremely powerful Neodymium magnets in the Vintage Express realign particles in beverages. So wine in a glass shows noticeable improvement in just a few minutes. A bottle of wine left in the Vintage Express overnight develops a wonderfully aged flavor. In as little as ten seconds, Vintage Express starts to restore the natural balance destroyed in the production process, duplicating the smooth, mellow flavor generated by years of traditional slow aging.. The longer a beverage remains in the Vintage Express, the greater the effect. $59.95 at

Speaking of fine wine, we met at a Pulse of Central Florida Tweetup at Funky Monkey Vault this week for some wine tasting.

Courtey of Rae Hanson

If you are ever in the Orlando area and crave good wine, this is the place to be. By the bottle or by the case, the Vault has an inventory of wines from around the world, making it your one stop shop for all your wine needs.

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