Facebook Paper


At the heart of it, Facebook has turned into a kind of news site for friends. The problem is, a lot of people’s friends are boring, leaving the Facebook news feed roundup feeling more like a bad habit than an actual beneficial experience. Recognizing this, Mark Zuckerberg’s triumphant tech behemoth is set to embark on its newest chapter: Facebook Paper.

Paper is targeted to be an aggregate – much like RSS – combining news from select friends and stories from around the world into a convenient, beautifully visual and intuitive mobile app. Notably, anyone from CNN to your favorite blogger can be specifically targeted and followed in Paper, creating an inclusive, personal news experience on-the-go. The release of the app comes rather promptly after the quiet demise of Google Reader. Look for Facebook Paper to drop on the App Store February 3, and read TechCrunch’s interesting breakdown of the app here.

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