Exede Satellite Internet – Limitations Exceded


Have you heard anything about Satellite Internet? Probably not since you found out (10 years ago) HughesNet is basically slightly faster than dialup, and for it's price, you could get something way faster with your neighborhood phone or cable provider.  The only real reason for Sat internet is if you don't have the local provider, say, for instance, because you were living out in 'ranch no-mans land', or high up on a mountain, where no communication company could connect to you. Oh, but the times are a changin'.

Say hello to Exede Satellite Internet.  ViaSat, Exedes parent company, launched a new satellite in October. Called ViaSat-1, it communicates via the new Ka bands as opposed to oldschool Ku. The results? Gone are the days where our rural friends are stuck in the 1.2-2.5 mps connection time-warp. Exede will rival the metropolitan internet offerings by providing speeds up to 12 mps!  This is simply phenomenal (this speed is what our local cable company provides us) and will certainly be an industry game-changer.  This new satellite internet offering mean this service has matured to the point that it can allow its customers latency-free VoIP and video streaming.

The downside? Data caps.  The lowest package will include 7.5 GB of data, which is more than plenty for people that just do simple browsing and email.  This package will only cost $49.99/month. The next package will offer 15GB of data and will cost $79.99.  The premier package will allow up to 25GB of data for $129.99. Kinda pricey, but for their intended targeted demographic, the starting packages provide more than enough data than they would probably consume. And the prices are not that far off from what most people pay today for satellite internet, and less we forget, Exede speeds are 400% faster!

It sounds like Exede Satellite Internet has exceded traditional satellite internet limitations.  For those in want, you can place your order by calling 1-877-316-1889.





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