evolve-ing the Motorcycle


evolve, an American motorcycle manufacturer, announced the launch of a 100% electric model.

The company, founded by Benjamin Plum and Lex Kendall, offers a sustainable, economical and stylish urban transportation solution. It's designers opted for a simple but clever design, which incorporated the latest tech. Accordingly this model differs from the rest not only in appearance, but in it's technology (including it's social networks connectivity) to its affordability.

The bike will be sold in three styles: titanium, neon and helium. These motorcycles are capable of reaching speeds above 60 miles per hour and provide the highest level of autonomy in the industry.

Beckoned with high tech, aggressive styling and a very active social network following. The company will offers roadside assistance and a very competitive price (its most expensive model is about half the price of its competitors). All models are powered by a easily charged lithium ion battery with an onboard ultra efficient energy management System.

But perhaps it's biggest draw is that, as it's owner, not only will you have a motorcycle, but the unique experience of belonging to the evolve community, with it's rider app that connects to your social networks, locates charging stations, diverse points of interests, share photos, videos, updates and even call for emergency assistance.

MSRP starts at $2900. http://www.evolvemotorcycles.com/

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