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This post brought to you by Evie. All opinions are 100% mine.

TeleNav, the company that brought you the GPS Navigator with voice turn-by-turn directions for your smartphone, is now upping your mobile experience into one that’s much more hands free with Evie, their latest iPhone app.

Think of Evie as your personal iPhone virtual assistant.  "She" can dial phone numbers,  and play your iPod content with a few voice commands.  I know what your thinking: “The iPhone already does that - It’s called Voice Control”.  That’s true, however, can it also locate a business for you or read you your Facebook news feed? Don’t think so! And that’s how Evie trumps it.

But what really makes the app so appealing is it's simplicity: It has one large microphone icon that you tap to speak and say any of three commands: "find", "call" or "play". For instance, suppose you’re out, it’s dinner time, and you’re hungry for Sushi. Say "Find Sushi" and the app will find Sushi eateries near you and display their distances and phone numbers.  Got a tune in your head and want to hear that song as its stored in your iPod? Play anything on your phone by speaking the name of the song, artist, playlist, genre, podcast, or audiobook that you want to listen to, e.g., “Play Katy Perry” or “Play Firework”.

Best of all, this "assistant" provides cheap labor. The app is free in the Appstore or iTunes.  So let Evie serve your commands, and you may never use your phone the same way again…

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