Dust Extinguisher Mini Desktop Vacuum


Take a good look at your desk. Now look a bit closer. Yep, there's probably dust, dried crumbs, and other detritus littering your desk.

With the Dust Extinguisher Mini Desktop Vacuum, you can quickly tidy up your surroundings. Just flip the on/off switch and start devouring dust. You can’t hang this fire extinguisher on the wall or use it to get a permit or something for your office or building. But what you can do with this Dust Extinguisher Mini Desktop Vacuum is keep your desk tidy and free of dust and other particulate matter.

It’s a handy vacuum that turns on with the flick of a switch. It’s got a snap-in filter that traps the dirt and other debris for easy cleanup. It doubles as a quirky desktop decor for your office table when you’re done using it. It stands at over half a foot tall, so it’s handy enough to carry around and just store in a drawer when not in use.

The Dust Extinguisher Mini Desktop Vacuum is available from at Amazon. MSRP $12.95.


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