Dropcam Makes Video Monitoring Uber Easy


This post brought to you by Dropcam. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dropcam is an award winning Wi-Fi video & cloud monitoring service with free live streaming, two-way talk and remote viewing, allowing you to keep tabs or ‘drop’ in on the things you care about, such as your home, people and pets, regardless of where you are.

Designed to be uber-easy to configure, it’s the only Wi-Fi video monitoring solution that offers really simple and fast setup:

You simply plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi network, name your camera and create a free account. Your are now ready to watch your video via iOS, Android and web apps - anytime, anywhere. 

The cool thing is while you are on the go, you can receive alerts for motion/sound on your smartphone or other device and with two-way talk you can drop in LIVE and speak directly with people and pets - day AND night - as it has night vision. It's like your own personal home security /home monitor system. You can even invite your friends to view your stream or make it public and show the world.  With the optional Cloud Recording service (no DVR to buy), you review footage from the past week or month and save and share your favorite clips.

 photo Dropcam-product-iPad-72dpi_zpsf543ba15.jpg

Now, we know what you are asking: Aren’t there other cameras out there that you can access with your iPhone? Yes. However, the big differentiator is Dropcams software.  For instance, you can zoom in on a video scene and focus on a specific corner. This allows you to, say, make out a face of someone walking in front of your home or a license plate of a vehicle. You zoom in and then enhance that scene (like the pros do on those cop shows) for a clear shot.

Dropcams are probably one of the best ways you can monitor your home or office 24-7. They are well built and their small footprint makes them unobtrusive (you can even turn off the front indicator light if you want to be more stealthy) and as long as your USB power chord reaches it, you can put it almost anywhere you feel you need some extra visibility.

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