Department of Justice Approves Google Motorola Deal


Google is all googly eyes as the DOJ  and European Union have approved them for acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

The Department Of Justice grouped the announcement of the merger's green light along with other patent deals involving Apple, Microsoft, RIM and Novell. In all the cases, the DOJ determined that none of the acquisitions were likely "to substantially lessen competition."

High on Google's check off list is acquiring Motorla's patents. Many of the major technology companies operating in the mobile market are suing each other for patent infringement, or threatening such suits to obtain patent licensing fees.With Motorola, Google will have control over some 17,000 patents that will help it in the mobile patent disputes with Apple, Microsoft and other companies, and more control over the handset manufacturer of its Google Android devices.

But Google also is apparently serious about becoming a maker of hardware. Last year when the Motorola Mobility deal was announced, many analysts speculated that Google intended to spin off Motorola's hardware business so that Google's Android hardware partners, such as Samsung, would not see Google as a potential competitor. But lately it looks like Google wants to copy Apple by controlling both the software and hardware in its products.

Time will tell  how this "Gootorola" venture will play out.

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