CP Docks Cell Phone Charging Station

When did the kitchen counter become the location to charge cell phones instead of a place for a freshly baked cake? Who uses all these phones?

According to a recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 85% of adults now own a cell phone. The survey also shows that 75% of American teenagers use cell phones and that texting has become their favorite form of communication. Presently, there are over 250,000,000 cell phones users in the USA.

It is not uncommon for every member of a home to own a cell phone.

Unfortunately, an increased number of phones in the home means an increased number of charger cords awaiting the daily cell phone charge. Charging cords left lying on counters and tables are creating the newest form of household clutter. Stored occasionally, the chargers are retrieved and plugged in to charge the phone. The familiar tangle of cords and phones are again left lying around exposing phones to potential damage from spills.

One popular solution to this problem is the personal charging station that can be used in any room in the home. Children are able to charge their phones in their bedroom. Parents may opt to charge their phones in the kitchen, den or next to their bed at night.

The CP Docks line of charging stations (http://www.cpdocks.com) offers two inexpensive models. Both models keep the charger, cords and phones conveniently stored and protected from spills. They fit all phones, including the iPhone or Blackberry.

The Plug-in-Shelf model is portable and plugs into any electrical outlet. The unit consists of a non-skid shelf for the phone, a cord holder to hide the charging cord and a unique plug adapter to plug in your existing charger. The charger can stay with the charging station, even when traveling.

The EZ Mount model is a charging station that replaces any standard electrical wall plate and acts as a complete home organizer. It provides for charger and cord storage, a non-skid shelf for the phone and even has a handy key hook for your car keys. It works great in a kitchen keeping phones, chargers and keys off of the counter.

Either model is $14.95 with free shipping and can be ordered at http://www.cpdocks.com.  Use the special holiday promotional code, "gifts," and save an additional 20%. They make an ideal gift or stocking stuffer.

Cell phone charging stations eliminate the need to constantly store and retrieve the charging unit. They are a great way to keep your tables and counters free of charging cords and will help anyone keep their home organized ... and free up some counter space for a fresh baked cake.

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