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Amazon Drones


As early as 2015, your Amazon purchases could be dropped at your door within 30 minutes courtesy of unmanned aerial drones. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed plans for the delivery service Prime Air (an extension of Amazon Prime which guarantees two-day shipping) in a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night. The service would ship orders under […]

Yahoo Buys Tumblr


Rumored for some time now, the speculation surrounding the Yahoo!/Tumblr relationship has finally culminated today in an official $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo!. In an officially tongue-in-cheek press release, Yahoo! professed that its agreement with Tumblr and its founder, David Karp would promise “not to screw up” and would allow Karp to remain acting CEO while permitting […]

The Power of Cloud Collaboration

cloud collaboration tools

Sometimes the simplest of tasks can get lengthy and downright frustrating.  Imagine you need to contact an office co-worker. The process goes a little something like this: 1. Call his office line, if he is not available, you leave a voicemail message. 2. You then call his cell phone, but if it’s off, you leave […]

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