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Carbonite Online BackupBack when Al Gore created the Internet, I bet even he didn't know how tightly intertwined our lives and the web would be.  Long gone are the days when the World Wide Web was just a research tool.  Today we use the web to shop and pay bills, to keep tabs on our kids (and pets) when we're away, to watch TV and movies and to stay in touch with friends.
Another great use for the interwebs is online storage. Have you ever lost a file? How about a hard disk? Now a days, it's not just good business to offer this service, it's a good idea to make use of it to protect and store the files we value on our computers. But the online computer backup space is crowded.  What should you look for when choosing a provider? Here are our top 5:

Practicality  - Practical features make uploading, storing, accessing and sharing your files easy. Online storage services should offer remote access, public and private file sharing, scheduled backup and a drag–and–drop window.

Security  - Security is very important when storing files. Web storage services should offer encrypted file transfer and password protection.

Affordability - The top online storage services offer a lot of storage space for a reasonable price, free trial accounts and don’t charge setup fees.

Intuitiveness - Online storage services should be user–friendly and not require a computer engineering degree in order to upload and access files.

Support - Good help and support is necessary with any service. Online storage services should provide self–help through FAQs, user manuals and tutorials. They should also provide customer support through email, phone or online chat.

So there you have it.  The solution you choose should provide powerful features, affordable plans, and overall versatility.  Oh and by the way, industry leaderCarbonite is offering 2 free months of this service with the offer code BLOGAD.

Carbonite Online Backup

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