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About two years ago, we cut our landline at home. The reason?  The cost to benefit ratio: it was just way too expensive for the amount of use we got out of it.  Plus most people use their cell phones for all their calls, right? Well, yes and no. My wife still wanted a home line so that she did not use up our bucket of minutes on our AT&T mobile plan with her almost daily chats with her mom. So we got Vonage VoiP home service at their non-public $9.99 a month plan and she bought this HUGE old school 1989 brick landline phone to connect to it.  But here’s the thing: I NEVER used the home line - I’m always on my smartphone.

AT&T CLP99393 Base Unit, USB Smartphone Charger

Recently we had an internet outage at the office and  I decided  to work from home one day.  I work with a headset in the office and let me tell you, talking on the iPhone  5s that day, all day, was no picnic. What we needed was a light, comfortable, cordless home phone, with BLUETOOTH wireless technology. Guess what? We found one!

The AT&T branded CLP99383 is probably the most robust telephone system I have ever seen for the home. Yes, its calls are clear thanks to a unique antenna and noise filtering tech. But what sold me on it is the Connect to Cell BLUETOOTH® technology, which allows you to make and receive calls on it through your cell phone -  it’s the coolest thing ever. The System has a base unit with answering system and three cordless handsets. I paired my iPhone to it, and I can make calls from  any of the three handsets, but the calls are going through my smartphone – it works great. And if I get a call on my cell, I can pick up the call on any of the three cordless handsets. It’s a pretty nifty system. It even plays my ringtone!  You can pair up to 4 cell phones, and use 2 of them simultaneously.

iPhone Pairing Screen

Additionally, I downloaded my iPhone phonebook to it. So if I need to make a call, but my cell is in the other room, my contacts (up to 6000) are stored and accessible on any of the cordless handsets with the tap of a button – very convenient for ordering our favorite pizza or Chinese on Friday movie nights!

AT&T CLP99393 Second Handset in Kitchen

Other useful features are the built-in USB dock for mobile phone charging and mobile notifications (for Android OS smartphones) . The latter alerts you with a beep and the handsets displays the type of message received, such as texts, emails or social media.

And don't worry about mobile carrier dead spots.  Just place your mobile phone where it gets the best service and have the freedom to make and receive mobile line calls throughout the house on the system handsets.

If you are in the market for a new home phone, the CLP99393 should be at the top of your list. With unsurpassed range, Caller ID announce, simulated full-duplex handset, base speakerphones, and BLUETOOTH smartphone pairing, home communication has never been so convenient.

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