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PC Medicine


This post brought to you by Vipre. All opinions are 100% mine. The snake has for eons been a symbol of health. It comes from the Rod of Asclepius, a wooden staff with a snake wrapped around it which was wielded by Asclepius, the son of Apollo in Greek mythology. Asclepius was a skilled healer […]

Radio Flyer Ziggle


Kids learn from example. And the lifestyle choices parents make easily filter down to their children. If you drive everywhere and do very little in the way of exercise then the chances are your kids will grow up to do the same thing. However, walking is boring, and it’s an activity that some kids will […]

Victor Johansson’s Ceramic Stereo


Swedish industrial designer Victor Johansson offers up a modern dose of simplicity and elegance with his latest home creation, the Ceramic Stereo. Its interface is intelligently intuitive as one would connect his/her mobile device to the circular speaker through Bluetooth, then proceed to play audio by placing said device on its wooden center and moving it towards the […]

Yahoo Buys Tumblr


Rumored for some time now, the speculation surrounding the Yahoo!/Tumblr relationship has finally culminated today in an official $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo!. In an officially tongue-in-cheek press release, Yahoo! professed that its agreement with Tumblr and its founder, David Karp would promise “not to screw up” and would allow Karp to remain acting CEO while permitting […]

kwikset kevo

kwikset kevo

“Theres an App for that!” We’ve all heard that quite often. The mainstream adoption of the smartphone has generally meant more chance to kill/waste time, be anti-social and in some cases, simplify your life. Kwikset’s Kevo looks to perform the latter with their new integrated lock that enables users to unlock their doors via just […]

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