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Are Americans Really THAT Overweight?

Department of Justice Approves Google Motorola Deal


Google is all googly eyes as the DOJ  and European Union have approved them for acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. The Department Of Justice grouped the announcement of the merger’s green light along with other patent deals involving Apple, Microsoft, RIM and Novell. In all the cases, the DOJ determined that none of the […]

The Future of Lifebook


Got a digicam? Check. Cell phone with a camera? Check. Laptop? Check. MP3 player? Check! Tablet or ebook reader with internet and email? Check and check.  Seeing any overlap in devices? Check! But what if you had ONE device that could do all of that, either together or individually? Could be a revolutionary product you say? We […]

VeriBox – Verizon and Redbox Will Join Forces and Offer Streaming


Those feeling remorse about terminating their Netflix account and desiring a comparable streaming service and not finding any, now have a glimmer of hope .  It seems our friends at Redbox are teaming up with Verizon and will be unveiling Streaming Video.  Sure, theres Amazon and Hulu, and although Netflix’s offerings are not as grandiose […]

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