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AT&T Confirms Another Intended Data Hack


AT&T is looking into what it described as “an organized and systematic attempt” by a hacker or group of hackers to obtain customer information from a number of AT&T accounts. The Dallas-based company sent an email to customers to explain the situation and to reassure them that no personal data was compromised in the hacking […]

Best Digital Cameras


It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday hoopla and ensuring shopping chaos, and cutting through all the coupons, discounts, and deals can make it difficult come decision time. Couple all that with the headache of foraging through electronics specifications, and some might admit defeat. We’re here to help, and consider this your guide […]

TouchScreen on Smartphones Are So Passe


Check out this fine South Korean ad introducing Pantech’s Sky Vega 4G LTE smartphone (video after the jump). It’s yet another Android phone with a spiffy new feature—the Vega 4G LTE doesn’t require you to touch it. Like a mystical sorcerer from a time far beyond ours, you can simple wave your hand over the […]

Glasses With Subtitles


Few people in the world are happy with what they have. Some protest the inability to fully enjoy 3D movies due to inefficiencies in the 3d lenses. Yet there are those who suffer because they can not hear the sounds of 2D movies because they are deaf, making it impossible to enjoy a film unless they are […]

Time Warner Cable Android App Coming


Time Warner Cable subscribers with Android tablets have been coveting live TV streaming since the iPad app launched in March, and it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer (provided everything goes according to schedule). The cable company has announced that it’s currently developing an Android app that’s expected to launch in late […]

New TouchPad Deal


It looks like Best Buy managed to let a few of those 32GB TouchPads slip through their fingers, as TigerDirect has concocted a $279 bundle around HP’s stillborn tablet. Yep, people looking to score a TouchPad on the cheap may need to look elsewhere (good luck, by the way). There always seems to be a catch when it comes […]

Nook Color: New Price and Perks


Ready for another Barnes & Noble event spoiler? In addition to the Nook Tablet, which was leaked just yesterday, it looks like the bookstore has a price drop planned for the Nook Color. According to the document below obtained by Android Central, the Nook Color won’t only be dropping to $199 but it will also be getting Hulu Plus, Rhapsody, MOG, […]

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