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Raincatch – Green Fashion


Going green has been ‘in’ for some years now. And consumers are more conscientious than ever about using recycled products and limiting water consumption to protect the fragile environment. What if however, you found yourself in a remote area of the world without immediate access to water supply lines as we are in the more development lands? Fortunately […]

Librarys Offering Books for Kindle eReader

Despite their somewhat stuffy image, libraries have generally embraced new technology, with public Internet access and library catalogs stored on computer databases the norm. The ability to search a catalog online means we no longer have to traipse down to the local library to see if a book we’re after is available or not. Now […]

NASA’s UARS Satellite Makes It Back

nasa UARS

The eagle has landed.  Well the UARS satellite finally did. The doomed bird in the sky plummeted to the Earth’s surface this  morning. NASA is now reporting that the decommissioned satellite fell back to Earth sometime between 11:23 p.m. EDT Friday, Sept. 23 and 1:09 a.m. EDT Sept. 24, making its final dive eastwards over Canada, Africa […]

Ford eBike Concept


Automotive manufacturers often use the media glare surrounding events like theInternational Motor Show in Frankfurt to showcase concept vehicles never intended for production. Such models are created to highlight cutting edge design or brand new technology. This year Ford unveiled an urban mobility concept that uniquely marries Formula One sensing technology with a two-wheeled pedelec bike. […]

2012 Olympic Torch Might Be Carried by Robotic Toddler

Research on artificial intelligence and robotics is growing at a rapid pace, but are we ready to see a robot bearing the Olympic torch in 2012? Scientists at Wales’ Aberystwyth University are convinced that this should happen, and have nominated the iCub child-like humanoid robot to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay for London’s 2012 […]

Worlds Oldest Car


The worlds oldest car will be sold at auction next month – a 1884 de Dion Bouton et Trepardoux Dos-a-Dos Steam Runabout. The second prototype built by Count de Dion Commissioned by French entrepreneur, Count de Dion, and built by Georges Bouton and Charles-Armand Trepardoux, the 1884 De Dion steamer was nicknamed “La Marquise” after […]



Online auctions have been a staple of the interwebs for about 15 years now (eBay anyone?).  People are always on the lookout for getting stuff cheap.  So it’s no wonder that penny auctions have proliferated in the last few years.  What are penny auctions? Penny auctions work a little differently than a traditional auction. For […]

Worlds Smallest DSLR


Your DSLR may be working out for you, but you can’t fit it in your shirt pocket, can you? Though it doesn’t boast all of those fancy settings, the World’s Smallest Digital Camera can. Measuring just over one inch in all dimensions and weighing only half an ounce, it’s reminiscent of devices employed by Cold […]

Dust Extinguisher Mini Desktop Vacuum


Take a good look at your desk. Now look a bit closer. Yep, there’s probably dust, dried crumbs, and other detritus littering your desk. With the Dust Extinguisher Mini Desktop Vacuum, you can quickly tidy up your surroundings. Just flip the on/off switch and start devouring dust. You can’t hang this fire extinguisher on the […]

The Perfect Dressing

Salad Sunrise XL _

The combination of oil and vinegar is a classic salad dressing. When presenting a salad at your next meal, the Salad Sunrise XL will kick it up a notch. This vessel highlights the natural properties of oil and vinegar. The physics of the two liquids mean that the oil will always float on top of […]

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