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Golden Geekness

One thing most 30-something people in tech have in common is video gaming nostalgia. Generation X (and Gen i) can go on for hours discussing the merits of our favorite Nintendo games, our programming experience in school, and of course our beloved Ataris. Sure there were C64s and Amigas and such, but Atari’s 2600 and […]

Put A Fork In It


For those of you that are like us and eat and work at the same time, comes zo-loft’s din-ink, plasticware covers for your ball point pens. So now you can turning your favorite office tool into a common cutlery item.

Netflix Irks Subscribers By Changing Plans

Netflix announced today it is separating its unlimited streaming and unlimited DVD plans in the U.S. With this change, Netflix will no longer be offering unlimited plans that include both streaming and DVDs by mail. The unlimited streaming plan will remain at $7.99 a month. The price for getting both unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs will be $15.98 a month ($7.99 + $7.99). […]

Doing Vacation Disney Style!


This is a guest post written by Penny Caudill I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney since I was a little girl. That love didn’t stop when I grew up to be an adult. So one of my favorite all time vacations to go on is definitely Walt Disney World. This year we’re finally […]


iLuv Creative Technology just launched the iSP210 MusicPac Portable Stereo Speaker Case for iPad and iPad2. This portable speaker system delivers powerful high-quality sound while stylishly protecting a your iPad. The iPad easily slides into the MusicPac and is secured with a zipper closure. With its built-in speaker and convenient external volume and power controls, the […]

uSell Wants You To Have The Latest Smartphones


This post brought to you by uSell. All opinions are 100% mine. According to the Wireless Association  CTIA, there were about 303 million cell phone subscribers at the end of last year.  Nielsen predicts smartphones will overtake feature phones and that 1 out of 2 Americans will own a smartphone by the end of 2011! […]

BEARTek Audio Control Gloves

Blue Infusion Technologies, a tech/apparel company, has developed BEARTek audio control gloves. BEARTek gloves solve a problem faced by motorcycle riders, skiers, bicyclists, and others – how to easily control music while wearing gloves. BEARTek gloves use Bluetooth technology to enabling you to safely and easily control a Bluetooth capable smart phone. BEARTek gloves’ design is based […]

Bang & Olufsen BMW 6 Series Sound System


Bang & Olufsen announced the fall 2011 arrival of the BMW 6 Series Convertible (as well as the previously announced BMW 6 Series Coupe) with the new Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound System.  In March 2011, the two brands first announced its collaboration surrounding the BMW 6 Series Coupe, which would be the first BMW […]

Old Gadgets Die Hard For Cash

This post brought to you by Gazelle. All opinions are 100% mine. Love gadgets?  Have a passion for gizmos? But sometimes your love for tech can get the best of of anyone and you, like us, may find yourself overwhelmed with extra calculators, cell phones, older and slower computers, portrable DVD players, mp3 players, etc. […]

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